The Donut GroVe -Maine Vegan Donuts

New location coming -ORONO 💙 Home of the University of Maine!


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We make small batch, hand-made donuts with high quality ingredients -including organic flour and organic and/or bone char free sugars-(all vegan)!

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The Donut GroVe offers both fluffy and delicious raised (yeast) donuts and scrumptious classic cake donuts

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  • Am I able to preorder DG donuts?

We are currently not taking new orders-and moving locations. We will update on website and social media pages. For questions please

  • How long are your donuts good?

Well we say they are best eaten the first day. We don’t use any artificial ingredients and make them fresh daily. So….for optimal freshness and maximum enjoyment- we recommend that they are eaten soon after purchase! Though some people have told us they are great the next day-or even later…it really depends on many things though.

  • Where do I keep DG donuts to store?

DG donuts should be kept at room temperature in the package they came in. We don’t recommend keeping them in plastic. However, if you have them still around the next day, putting them in the toaster or microwave sometimes works well. 

  • Do your products contain allergens?

Yes. We use almond milk primarily. Some ingredients also include soy, wheat, coconut and other tree nuts. We sometimes have pop up flavors that contain peanuts. Our products contain gluten, so those with gluten sensitivity or intolerance should avoid our donuts. We also do rent a commercial space and though we are careful we can’t guarantee that cross-contamination would not happen.

What are DG donuts made of?

We use organic flours and sugars as our base. We use no animal products at all- in anything we make. They are hand cut, fried in canola oil.

Other ingredients include either organic, non GMO and locally sourced when we can. No artificial flavors or colors. We also use organic unrefined coconut oil and butters that use sustainably sourced palm oil.

In our raised donuts we use aquafaba (chickpea brine) which is a magical ingredient that can be whipped up and we add this to our yeast dough. We love it so much and believe it helps create raised donuts that are extra fluffy & delicious!

Our chocolate donuts are made by a chocolate LOVER. The recipe includes a mixture of best extra dark organic & Dutch cocoa powder (the good stuff) a sprinkle of espresso (this brings out the chocolate!) Kinda pure chocolate bliss. We figure, it doesn’t really matter what we add on top-unless we start with the BEST most CHOCOLATE donut.

Our potato donuts ‘The County’ and ‘Sweet Potato’ are made with organic and/or organic Maine potato-which is added to organic flour and sugar. We always have one of these available. They are a staple and go great with coffee or tea-or whatever!! 

Sometimes we add different pop up donuts-we like to switch it up and test in our ‘donut lab! A times our bases will include a new donut (for instance plain vanilla market, molasses or lemon).

***Also because we make vegan donuts…any sprinkles, toppings, decorations, colors, etc. that are purchased will be vegan as well. Items that we use for decorating and flavors are researched- and endorsed by reputable resources such as PETA. We do it for ourselves and for you!